Amanda van Noordenne

I am


A dutch Front-end developer living in Rotterdam

More about me

My story

Growing up I was always creating. My bedroom floor was usually covered with paper & glue or fabrics, pins & needles. Later on It was my harddrive on my computer that was covered with Paint drawings and webpages filled with blinking gifs.

During my first year in college I started creating banners, animations and websites with my own one-woman-business 'Creamanda'.

This small town girl moved to Rotterdam and started out as a visual design intern. I fell in love with city life and the ‘we can create anything we can think of’ mindset at DPDK.


After three years of a bit of a struggle, Visual Design and I broke up. We’re still good friends, but I lost my heart to a more technical way of creating digital projects.

Back then the developers didn’t have ‘Front-end / Creative / Backend’ prefixes yet and I became the first official Front-end Developer at DPDK.

For the past six years I’ve been happily making projects look pixel perfect. Both at work and for my own clients.

I always want to bring out the best in myself, my work and the people around me, so I love being right in the middle of development and design. To make everything come together into a responsive, beautiful, well performing project is what I'm best at.

Some random facts about me

  • I am an open book; I’m very honest and direct
  • Growing up I didn’t like my three annoying younger brothers, but I love them very much right now
  • I miss animating with adobe Flash
  • I am addicted to pushing myself at CrossFit
  • I’ve never liked any cat video
  • I bring boxes of healthy food everywhere
  • My goal is to wake up every day with a smile on my face
  • I struggle to keep plants alive
My work

My work

2017 | Front-end Development | at DPDK


Dutch mineral water company Sourcy wanted to showcase their love for water and their Dutch heritage.

We build them a new website showing all products and the brand history.

Awards for this project

  • Honorable mention at Awwwards
  • Special Kudos at CSS Design Awards

2017 | Front-end Development | at DPDK

Holland Heineken House.nl

Holland Heineken house is a meetingplace for athletes, fans and media during the Olympic Games.

The website is mainly informative; showing information about the location, the line-up and a place to buy tickets.

The Holland Heineken House is a showcase of the fact that our Dutch country might be small but is not to be underestimated.

2016 | Wesbite Development | Creamanda

We-R Consultants.nl

We-R Consultants helps you get the most out of your real estate projects and portfolio.

The website is showcasing their expertise and who We-R consultants is.

2016 | Front-end Development | at DPDK


Oasen is a Dutch drinkwater company who's goal is to create the best tap water possible.

We build them a water soaked website showcasing their innovative character.

Visitors can read and see all about Oasen and the process of creating tap water as well as managing their account.

Awards for this project

  • Site of the Day & Honorable Mention at Awwwards
  • The Silver Lovie at The Lovie Awards
  • A Spin Award nomination
  • A Webby Award nomination

2015 | Front-end Development | at DPDK

Peugeot Chase the Line.com

The new Peugeot 308GTi needed a speedy campaign to showcase it's features.

We mounted 9 camera's on the Peugeot and drove it at the tracks in France to build a racing game in video for you to chase the ideal racing line.

Awards for this project

  • Site of the Day & Mobile of the Day at The FWA
  • Site of the day at Awwwards
  • Website of the day at CSS Design Awards

2015 | Front-end Development | at DPDK

DS Signature Art.com

DS automobiles partnered with the Dutch Film Festival and we created a signature campaign for them.

DS is all about being unique and expressing yourself.

In this campaign your signature, drawn on your phone, is transformed into a particle filled work or art.

Awards for this project

  • Site of the Day & Mobile of the Day & The Adobe Cutting Edge Award at The FWA
  • Website of the day at CSS Design Awards
  • A Honarable Mention at Awwwards
  • A Webby Award nomination

2015 | Design & Development | Creamanda

CAB holland.com

CAB holland has heart for your ICT and wants to service you with anything ICT related.

Their website shows the long history of their love for ICT and all they have their clients to offer.

2013-2018 | Print Design | Creamanda

River Trotters Posters

River Trotters is a Basketball club in Hardinxveld-Giessendam.

Each year new promotion material is designed.

Every game a poster is printed to promote people joining and cheering for their Mens team.

2014 | Website Development | Creamanda

Renate Rijnberg.nl

Renate is an Interior Design graduate with a passion for interior and furniture.

Clean & simplicity is key in her portfolio, it puts the focus at her work.

2014 | Front-end Development | at DPDK


Sense is an organisation who's goal it is to educate teens about sex and love.

The website is the most popular platform in the Netherlands for young people. They use it as a resource for all their questions and concerns about sex and relationships.

Alongside the informative platform we created 3D dummies to visually discover boys and girls erogenous zones.

Awards for this project

  • The Silver Lovie & The People's Lovie at the Lovie Awards
  • The Silver Dutch Interactive Award
  • A Dope Award

2013 | Print Design | Creamanda

Print Design

I designed a custom wedding invitation for Rinke and Nico.

When their son was born I designed a birth announcement inspired by their favorite children's book 'The little prince'.

They had the custom illustrations printed to hang in his room.

2013 | Website Development | Creamanda


An oldie with great memories.

My first scrollpage about my journey as a creative.

After being a switching from Designer to Front-ender figuring out how to animate everything in javascript was a fun struggle.